Curriculum Vitae

1980 - 1986 Studies in Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy
1986 Diploma in Physics (Nuclear Physics)
1986 - 1991 Assistant at the Department of Physics at the University of Siegen
1990 PhD (Lambda Transition in Liquid Helium 4)
1991 - 1997 R&D Section of Leica Microelectronics (Wetzlar)
1997 - 2001 Professor at the Department of Optometry, Aalen University of Applied Sciences, mainly: Technical, Ophthalmic and Geometrical Optics, Matrix Methodssince
2001 Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Darmstadt's University of Applied Sciences (Section: Photonics and Machine Vision), mainly: Optical Metrology, Optical Design, Ophthalmic Optics

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