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Book Chapter Project:

Contents of the First Edition (2007)

  • Interaction of Light with Optical Materials
  • Optical Glass
  • Colored Glasses
  • Laser Glass
  • Glass-Ceramics for Optical Applications
  • Nonlinear Materials
  • Plastic Optics
  • Crystalline Optical Materials
  • Special Optical Materials (Tunable Liquid Crystal Lens, OLEDs, Photorefractive Crystals, Metal Mirrors)

Advances on the Second Edition (2012)

Correction of Insufficient Citation Form and Acknowledgement in Sub-Section "5.1.9 Other Effects" (First Edition).
I apologize to S. Musikant and H.J. Hoffmann for the insufficient citation of their work in the first edition.

Additionally, minor Text, Formula and Figure Corrections in all Sections.

Additional Authors:

for Novel Section "5.9 Transparent Ceramics"
and Novel Section "8.3 Computer-Generated Holograms"