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MatheFit is an additional offer of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and consists of the three modules Math Pre-Course, Math Learning Center and Math Intensive Day. The MatheFit offer is supported by the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the University Center for Student Success and Career Start.

Pre-course in math

In the math pre-course, you are given the opportunity to refresh your knowledge of basic mathematics through independent learning. This should make it easier for you to start your studies.
Information about the math pre-course and online registration.

Math Learning Center (only during the lecture period)

At the Darmstadt Campus we offer a Math Learning Center. At the Math Learning Center there are tutors to whom you can ask questions about basics, lectures and exercises.
about the opening hours of the Math Learning Center and assignment of tutors.

Math Intensive Day

On the Math Intensive Day we offer you the opportunity to spend a whole day preparing for your exams in the mathematical subjects with the support of tutors.
All information about the date and registration form for the Math Intensive Day.