Data Science dual (Master)

Why study dual?

Study and still earn money? A pure study program is too theoretical? The dual version of the master's program in Data Science offers both at the same time: a scientific study and practical experience in the company. In addition to lectures and seminars, students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in practical projects. The students are supervised by specialist advisors in the company and by lecturers at the university.

You and the company have flexibility in the timing of the course of study, depending on the scope of the desired activity in the company. The duration of the program usually varies between four and six semesters.

To the general information about the Master's program Data Science with information about the BBPO, module manual, important links to the study organization and much more.

Find partner companies

The list of active companies can be found at INFDL (Computer Science dual)where the dual study programs offered by the company are listed under the company logo.

If you, as a prospective student, have found a company that is not on the list but is interested in the dual training for this degree program, there is of course always the possibility of concluding a corresponding cooperation agreement. Contract templates and further details can be found on the pages of the dual study center of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. The program coordinator Markus Döhring is also the contact person.

Of course, interested companies can also contact us. We will help them to become one of the partner companies for our dual version of the master's degree program in Data Science.

Start of study

Applications for a training contract in the dual study program variant should be sent directly to the desired partner companies. In parallel, please apply officially for the study program via Normally, you will receive a decision within 2-3 weeks (exception: foreign degrees), which you can present to the potential employer to finalize the contract. The two applications are not directly linked, i.e. if a dual contract does not materialize and you have been admitted to the program, you can still study with us normally. However, a dual contract with a partner company is a prerequisite for placement in the dual study program option. After a successful application process, a student contract is concluded between the future student and the company. Further information can be found at

Interlocking of theory and practical phases


Program Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Markus Döhring
Faculty I

Schöfferstraße 8b
64295 Darmstadt
Office: D15, 303




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Appointment by arrangement


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9 am - 2 pm Open consultation hours


Appointment by arrangement

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