Mathematical Laboratories and Laboratory of Statistics and Operations Research

In the Applied Mathematics program, three laboratories with computer workstations are available for practical courses and training. These are used to supplement courses focusing on numerical mathematics, statistics and operations research.

Opening hours of the laboratories (10.01 + 10.04 + 10.05):
Monday - Friday from 08:30 - 19:00.

Students can use laboratories for free work as long as they are not needed for courses.

Mathematical Laboratory I and II

The two laboratories are each equipped with 8 PC workstations and one instructor PC.

Both laboratories are used mainly for practical courses in numerical mathematics (also for other departments) and programming languages. In free blocks without a course, students can use the laboratories for free work. The responsible laboratory engineers are available to answer any questions that may arise.

For the use in numerical mathematics, the program system MATLAB is installed on all computers, for the training in programming languages C and C++ in different development environments. In addition, there are other programs that are required for the other practical courses taking place in the laboratory as well as for the preparation and follow-up of other courses.

Laboratory for Statistics and Operations Research

The Laboratory for Statistics and OR is equipped with 8 student workstation PCs and one lecturer PC - all with 19'' TFT monitors.

A so-called "learning pedagogical network" is available, with which the screen contents of the lecturer PC can be transferred to the other 8 PCs.

In the laboratory for statistics and OR, practical courses and projects for courses in the fields of statistics and operations research take place. For this reason, statistical software, such as the program packages SAS and SPSS, which are widely used in business, is installed here. For the practical implementation of mathematical problems, the computer algebra system Mathematica is also available.