Become a cooperation partner

The basic idea of a dual study model is to dovetail theory and practice. As part of a partnership between Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and your company, students complete practical phases in the company to accompany their studies. The theoretical knowledge acquired at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences can be applied directly in your company.

Advantages for your company

Tailor-made specialists
The dual study models allow dual students to focus their professional skills in areas relevant to your company at an early stage.

Constant knowledge and technology transfer
Linking companies and universities promotes the exchange of experience and knowledge. As a practical partner, you gain access to current scientific research through the dual students.

Securing the next generation of employees
The dual study program enables you to attract young people to your company at an early stage who are willing to perform. Getting to know them during intensive practical phases eliminates the need for applicant selection processes and time-consuming training periods. This means you can meet your demand for skilled workers yourself.

Simplified personnel planning
Your company can specifically manage its own requirements for junior staff through a fixed entry date and plan for the long term.

Increasing awareness
In addition to these benefits, a collaboration with Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences offers the opportunity to increase your company's profile as an attractive employer both regionally and nationally.

  • A suitable cooperation partner is characterized by the fact that students can directly implement what they are taught at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in internal company processes. An overview of what is taught in the respective dual study programs of the department can be found on the pages Applied Mathematics Bachelor dual, Photonics and Machine Vision Bachelor dual and Data Science Master.
  • In addition, the cooperation partners should appoint employees with a university degree or comparable qualification to provide technical support for the students during the practical phases and to act as a permanent contact for the university.

There are brochures for the dual study program Photonics and Machine Vision and Applied Mathematics (both in German only) with all important information about contracts, payment, lecture contents, interlocking of theory and practice and much more.

The monthly salary

  • Dual students receive a monthly salary throughout their studies. The amount of this remuneration is at the discretion of the company. The lower limit for the remuneration should be the BAföG maximum rate for students of € 850.00 / month (as of 04/2021).
  • Students who finance their studies themselves often have income from a part-time job in addition to BAföG, but this is hardly possible for dual students. It is therefore common for the allowance to be increased per academic year. If students incur higher costs, for example for travel and accommodation, if the place of study is not close to the company, these expenses should be reimbursed directly or taken into account in the level of remuneration.

Cooperation fee

  • Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences charges a cooperation fee of currently € 750.00 (Applied Mathematics and Bachelor Optotechnology and Image Processing) or € 500.00 (Data Science) per dual student and per semester. If you have any questions, please contact the Duales Studienzentrum.

Semester fee

  • Students of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences have to pay a semester fee per semester, to which the enrollment or re-registration for the following semester is bound - current amount of the fee.
  • As a rule, the semester contribution is paid by the cooperating company.

Repayment agreement

  • Student contracts for first degree studies should not contain repayment agreements in the event of dropping out of studies and no so-called gag agreements with regard to continued employment after graduation.
  • For more information, please visit the Duales Studienzentrum website under Information on Repayment Agreements.

The dual study program presents our students with completely different challenges than regular students. The supervision of dual students also means additional work for the company. In order to provide your company and the dual students with the best possible support, our department has, in addition to the intensive support provided by the teaching staff, dual mentors as direct contacts for students and cooperation partners.

There is also the DualTreff, a regular meeting of all dual students with the DualMentors, practical advisors and the heads of the dual study programs at the faculty.

In 4 steps to a cooperation partner

  1. Personal consultation
    The decision to become a cooperation partner of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is an important decision. We recommend that you allow sufficient time for the concrete implementation and seek advice from the Dual Study Center.
  2. Cooperation agreement
    After all documents have been checked, the cooperation agreement between your company and the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences will be concluded(to the contract templates).
  3. Recruiting
    You can search for suitable applicants by job advertisement. The Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences will support you in this process if necessary.
  4. Student contract
    After the student contract has been signed between you and the student and the student has subsequently enrolled, the dual study program can begin(see contract templates).

The Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is the general contact point for contracts and advice. The Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is responsible for the professional support of the dual students as well as for advising the cooperating company.