Ein Student im Vordergrund steuert einen Roboterarm an, während seine Kollegin im Hintergrund den Vorgang am Bildschirm verfolgt.

Dual study at the department

All dual degree programs are integrated into the regular degree programs.

The students of the dual courses study together with the regular students in the theory phases in the semester association and work in the lecture-free periods in the cooperation company, in which the bachelor's thesis or the master's thesis is also prepared.

The combination of a degree program with extended practical phases offers you many advantages:

Gain your first work experience during your studies.

Establish important contacts early on for your career entry and later career.

Put the knowledge acquired in the lecture periods directly into practice.

Earn your money as a student with activities that advance you professionally.

Work on exciting and cutting-edge projects during the practical phases.

Benefit from direct contacts - in the company and in the study program.

Become a dual student in just a few steps

  1. Search for cooperation companies
    You can suggest your cooperation company yourself or receive help from the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in finding a suitable cooperation partner. Links to cooperation partners can be found on the pages of the corresponding study programs.
  2. Application to the cooperation company
    You apply independently to the cooperation company of your choice and conclude a student contract with them as soon as all questions regarding the admission requirements have been clarified. Further information can be found on the pages of the corresponding study programs.
  3. Matriculation
    This is followed by matriculation at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.
  4. Are you already studying in the corresponding regular degree program?
    Then you can still change to the dual study model up to the beginning of the 3rd semester (Bachelor dual) or after the 1st semester (Master dual) by working through points 1. and 2. in good time.

Our dual study programs meet the criteria of the umbrella brand "Duales Studium Hessen" - an association of universities, ministries and associations committed to high-quality studies in Hessen. The h_da was and is significantly involved in the development of the umbrella brand "Duales Studium Hessen". The quality criteria of the umbrella brand are defining components of the dual and cooperative study programs offered by h_da.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Katja Jakob
Contact person for students and cooperating companies

office: C10, 10.35
Katja Jakob