New course: Data Literacy

Transdisciplinary event in the field of study Digitization and Society - because data is becoming increasingly important in studies, everyday life and careers

Whether it's interpreting number-based news reports, data-driven lab experiments, or dealing with stocks and finance, data analysis is the tool for handling information properly. Therefore, it is important to build a basic understanding of data and related opportunities, i.e., data literacy. This course is designed for students, regardless of specialization, who want to understand initial basic methods of Data Science.  Data Literacy includes both the competence of basic data analysis including representation and communication, as well as reading and interpreting data correctly.

Therefore, without formulas and proofs but through a lecture and hands-on projects with intensive supervision, we want to bring data literacy skills to every student. No prior knowledge of statistics or programming experience is necessary, an introduction to Python for data analysis will be given as part of the course.

The Data Literacy event will take place for the first time in the winter semester 2023/24 in the high-rise building (C10) of the Schöfferstraße campus and will be offered by the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Department of Computer Science. We look forward to your participation.

Course Objectives:

  • basic Data Literacy competencies
  • data analysis through programming
  • deeper understanding of data analytics through application in various disciplines

When and where:

  • Lecture: Tuesday 1st block in C10 2.05
  • Exercise/Computer Labs: Tuesday 2nd or 3rd block in C10 10.01

Target audience:

  • Students of all majors who are interested in the topic of data and are ready to learn the basics of analyzing data using Python programming.


  • High school math
  • No prior knowledge of statistics or programming required.

Form of examination:

  • Evaluation of a data set incl. documentation and presentation.

Registration via self-enrollment in Moodle:

Contact person: Sonja Hahn or Data Literacy


Graph showing the number of publications containing data literacy in the title or abstract over time. From 2014 to 2022, there was an increase of over 700%.