Preliminary physics course

09. - 13. October 2023

  • Group 1: each 08:30 - 10:00 Uhr
  • Group 2: each 10:15 - 11:45 Uhr
  • Location: room 2.03 in skyscraper (building C10, Schöfferstraße 3)

This prerequisite course is written for college students with a minor in physics. Physics lectures assume many physics concepts and mathematical techniques that you have probably heard, seen, understood, mastered, and forgotten. There can be many reasons why your basic knowledge may not be fresh.

The Physics Pre-Course refreshes basics from your school days that you will need in your studies. The physics pre-course is a voluntary additional offer of your university. Please decide for yourself if you need a refresher.

The core of the course consists of 34 assignments. On the basis of these tasks you will acquire knowledge and skills that will be required of you as a matter of course from the first day of the physics lecture - regardless of whether you are studying chemical technology, mechanical engineering, biology, electrical engineering, computer science or any other technical-scientific subject.

On these pages, the tasks, all results and additionally some short explanations about the background of the tasks are printed (atlas). In addition, tips for each task, simulations, and an index with short explanations of key terms are available. Details about the concept of the pre-course and help with problems can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions page.

To see the course materials shift to the German version.

Offline version

For offline use of the course please unzip the ZIP file Physics precourse (1 MB) and start at "index.html".


Ralf Blendowske

Communication Office: C10, 6.34



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