Focus on Financial Mathematics in the master's program in Applied Mathematics

The international financial system is composed of many different players and products, so the ability to structure and analyze problems well is particularly important.

    Mathematicians are particularly good at structuring and analyzing. They use stochastic processes, time series analysis, methods of econometrics - especially regression analysis - and extreme value theory.

    The financial system is evolving from a bank-based financial system to a mix of bank, market and platform-based financial systems. Students will become familiar with these components through special courses, seminars, and theses. To this end, the following electives are offered:

    • Derivatives
    • asset pricing
    • Special lecture on shadow banking and systemic risk measurement
    • Seminar on Econometrics.

    Lectures by Prof. Dr. Christoph Becker

    March 2020 - The run on the US dollar

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    How market prices arise

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    Who are potential employers and what are the fields of activity?

    First and foremost, of course, are banks as well as investment funds, hedge funds, money market funds or pension funds and one can work as a broker-dealer or in the field of private equity. But also large companies that do not distribute profits but initially keep them within the company would be possible employers.

    Tasks can be risk management of capital market investments in funds or credit risk measurement and management in banks. This includes simulations of risk scenarios or sensitivity analyses.

    Examples of master theses in the field of financial mathematics

    • Stressed real estate market: price forecast and scenario design
    • Forecasting commercial real estate prices
    • Sentiment quantification for the price of bitcoin using Deep Learning
    • System risk measurement via stress in the broker-dealer sector
    • Application of text mining-based indices for portfolio construction and forecasting