Dr. Sebastian Döhler

About myself

I am a mathematician working in the department of mathematics of Hochschule Darmstadt. My research interests include

  • Multiple testing procedures
  • False discovery rate (FDR) and related error measures
  • Selective inference
  • Applications in medicine, biology, computer science, finance etc.

Currently, I am working with Etienne Roquain and Iqraa Meah on improving multiple testing methods for heterogeneous data (for details, see the project description and an article on impact, the h_da magazine on applied research). This work is financially supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

My teaching is focussed on statistics, data science, probability theory and risk management. Before joining Hochschule Darmstadt I worked as a statistician in the re-insurance and pharmaceutical industries. As a member of DISO, the statistical consultancy unit of my university, I also work as a  statistical consultant. For students and faculty involved in the mathematics and data science programs, I serve as foreign exchange coordinator (Auslandsbeauftragter).


    Sebastian Döhler
    Schöfferstraße 3
    64295 Darmstadt
    Büro: C10, 10.31